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Why you use cloud hosting

Monotonectally reinvent economically sound e-markets whereas distributed collaboration

  • What is Cloud hosting?
  • Features
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Cloud Servers

It is a virtual servers which run on cloud computing environment.

Dynamic Load Balancer

It also allows to manage peak loads easily, without facing any bandwidth issues, since another server can provide the additional resources in such a case.

Guard Against Downtime

It reduces chances of any downtimes in case of a server malfunction

Hassel Free Business

As your website doesn't rely on just one server and runs on cluster of servers that work together. So you can run your business hazel free.

Built for reliabilityFirewallStorage
Network LayerUltimate speed and performanceResponsive load balancing
The power of bare metalGlobal regionsFast processors
Open cloud platformControl panelMaximum hybrid flexibility
Scale on demandBoot from volumeSSH keys
Config driveAPI & SDKsPay as you go

Each server in the cloud helps in carrying out a particular set of tasks, and in case of failure of any of the servers in the cloud, other server(s) temporarily kick-in as a back-up to render the required resources.

Something similar happens in case of an overload condition too. However, usage of low quality server hardware can significantly hamper the performance, and such implementations aren't worthy of being tagged with the “cloud” server.

1. Which cloud services do you provide?
Knowing what your cloud computing needs are will dictate the type of service or services you choose. If you need more than basic data storage, several vendors offer a range of general-purpose cloud computing services, including IT networking infrastructure with on-demand access to virtual servers, applications and software.

2. What is your pricing structure?
You should only pay for what you use. The pricing scheme should be pay-as-you go from the outset, with the ability to add services as needed. Fees can typically be charged hourly, monthly, semi-annually or annually, depending on the vendor.

3. How secure is your cloud?
Security should be a major consideration when it comes to storing your company's critical data in the cloud. Cloud providers should have several standard security measures in place and constantly update them. "You've got to be sure that you're completely comfortable with your cloud provider's approach to security." Security measures to look for include firewalls, anti-virus detection, multifactor user authentication and data encryption, and routine security audits. It's also important to ask who at the cloud company will have access to your data in the cloud and whether the cloud provider does employee background checks to weed out potential cybercriminals or identity thieves.

Lower Capital Costs

Cloud servers are economically more efficient than the standard dedicated servers. For a similar price, with cloud servers you will receive more resources and your server will be faster.

Flexibility In Service Delivery

Freedom to modify all the server software to your needs

Scalable Technology

Stability and security because a software problem is isolated from and to your environment. Others' cloud servers can't harm you and you can't harm others

Increased Security

Cloud servers probably hold the best stability / cost ratio performance. They do not suffer from the usual server hardware problems and they have all Cloud computing, benefits, i.e. they are stable, fast and secure.

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